YouTube HQ

  • Client Google, YouTube,
  • Location San Bruno, California, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • So apparently someone thought it would be a neat idea to create a website that people could upload videos to and called it YouTube. While that is just about as silly of an idea as a website dedicated to ‘searching the internet’, they have an office, so we are obligated to cover them.

    YouTube’s office space is located in San Bruno, California and is actually in what used to be the Gap, Inc. offices. These pictures range from mid 2007-mid 2008, so they are pretty accurate as to what it looks like. Oddly enough, the YouTube campus has a large swimming pool, which is something Google’s Mountain View HQ doesn’t even have.

    IMAGE CREDIT: Images 1-10 snapped by ario, images 11-13 snapped by tensafefrogs.