The New CanvasPop Offices

CanvasPop is a printing company that specializes in printing posters on canvas that will style up any setting from the home to the office. Their new offices are located in Ottawa, Canada.

When planning their move last year, the company worked to feel out the space before doing anything too drastic. That being said, they quickly ripped out the ugly carpet to give the space a great industrial feel, with polished cement flooring.

As they developed an idea of how the space should be used, employees were encouraged to submit both functional and inspirational ideas to a “mood board”. Some of those ideas included a DJ booth, fun lounge space, chalkboard restroom walls, and an open plan for the offices. Once they had their ideas and plan, they contacted the contractors and vendors and got to work. All in all the space took 8 months to fit out from start to finish.

The design is very light, with splashes of color representing the CanvasPop and DNA11 brands and a gray to tie them both together. There is also a lot of natural light that floods the factory floor during the day which is a welcome difference between CanvasPop and most other printshops.

Going beyond their industry-standard open plan office space, the company has a couple other areas of the office worth noting. The employee lounge space, located upstairs in a wonderfully shaped room, is made complete with a ping-pong table. They also have an open area that has been used for hosting workshops for digital designers and photographers.

Some of the furniture options that the company chose were Steelcase’s Leap Chair, Kartell’s Frilly Chair, and a reclaimed-wood boardroom table built by Turning House Furniture.

Suzy Kendrick, the company’s PR manager offers some advice for other companies involved in the office design process, “Stay true to your brand.  It must be a physical representation of your company’s values.  Plus, get your employees involved at some level if you can.  It’s a great culture building exercise and really, it’s their space after all!”