The Hipmunk Offices – The Office Snapshots Tour

  • Client Hipmunk,
  • Location California, San Francisco, United States,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Deep in the heart of San Francisco lie the offices of Hipmunk, the least-agonizing flight search company around. And by least-agonizing, I mean best. You should check them out.

    Their office space, which they moved into a few months back, was once the headquarters for Justin TV (photos here). And before that seems to have been an apartment of sorts.

    Immediately through the front door lies the development atrium, which has a total of six workstations spread out on an amazing wood floor. The office is fairly sparse in the decoration department, but for a small startup (maybe 12 employees?) I don’t expect a whole lot beyond the basics. That said, they can boast about a having an old fireplace in the space and a great rooftop (that they aren’t really supposed to go on).

    Enjoy the shots!