EXCLUSIVE: Amazing Photos From Inside Apple Headquarters

Several years ago I posted a bunch of random and mediocre images from around the Apple campus that didn’t really show much of anything. It is still one of our most popular posts.

After years of hunting, this gallery of images made their way to me and does a much better job of showing a portion of Apple’s offices. Only of course pre-move in, which is fairly standard for architectural photos. These shots seem to be from a recent renovation of an engineering team’s offices and the ‘Caffe Macs’ cafeteria.

Window coverings are motorized for privacy and meeting spaces are toward the center of the building to give employees access to natural light. The office buildout also has a number of secure product research rooms.

Verification – While there will undoubtedly be people that believe the images to be fake, I believe they are authentic. The windows match exterior views Apple’s Cupertino campus that are readily available on Flickr. I also hunted down public images of the cafeteria, like this one (with matching furniture and decor to the architectural shots in the background), that are the result of a Google image search for ‘ “caffe macs” instagram’.