The Valve Offices

  • Client Valve,
  • Location Bellevue, Washington, United States,
  • Industry Gaming,
  • Video game publisher Valve, creator of the Half Life, Left 4 Dead, and Portal series’, moved into a new 75,000 sqft office in 2010. The space, which is located in Bellevue, was designed to be a highly collaborative and support the company’s dynamic work processes.

    Designed in collaboration between Replinger Hossner Architects and LMN, we learn the following the following about the space from their description:

    The flexible and interactive workplace design is focused around large team work spaces, cabals, which allow gaming teams to expand and contract around specific production needs. The collaborative nature of the work extends into extra-wide corridors where circulation, display of production work and team gathering overlap. A variety of meeting spaces occur throughout the office, culminating in a flexible area large enough for the entire company to gather.

    The design transcends the constraints of the office floor plate; an open stair connects all floors, and ceilings, open to the structure, provide additional height in spaces. A minimalist palette of exposed construction, raw plywood, textured ceiling panels, blackened steel and unistrut components provide a neutral background that focuses the work experience on the production of VALVe’s gaming products and supports the overlay of VALVe’s branding elements. The signature red, an iconic valve in the lobby, art and colorful furnishings accent the spaces.

    Photography by Ed Sozinho