The Colorful Offices of Cheil

Here’s a pretty neat project by The Interiors Group for Cheil – a marketing company based in Chertsey, England. A couple notable features in my opinion are the green wall, the bright colors, and the writable surfaces. I am also a fan of the steppe-wall.

Here’s a bit about the project:

“Due to the continuing growth of the business it was necessary for the marketing group Cheil to relocate to larger premises. Within 4 weeks of receiving the go ahead, the project was completed. Our brief was to convert the dull looking serviced building into a bright, airy and vibrant space whilst still maintaining a professional looking office.

Working with interior designer, Malin Lindholm, the interior fit-out focussed on maximising the available natural daylight, introducing a unique

and vibrant colour palette, incorporating some ‘theatre’ into the design and cleverly reorganising the space.

Working with a scenic painter, the glass partitions and facade manifestations were transformed and by taking inspiration from the natural surroundings elements of the outside were brought inside. Alongside this clever design, features were introduced such as a curved wall and bespoke storage solutions, which added structure to the newly created open workspace.”