7 Height-Adjustable Standing Desks That Won’t Murder You

Apparently sitting in a chair for extended period of time will kill you (or at least shave a few years off of your life). I’ve read a number of articles or and seen many headlines about this over the last few years that I thought I’d try to write my own. I even tried to come up with an incredibly inflammatory headline. Like it?

There are also a number of companies I’ve seen that have given their employees the option of sitting or standing workstations. A few of them include DisqusAdobe, and Pixar.

All this thinking about standing at a desk got me wondering what options existed for standing desks. However, I also enjoy sitting so I tried to narrow my search down to desks that can be adjusted between standing and sitting.

I’ve never actually used any of these desks either, so I’m not really endorsing them at all. And apologies if I missed a good one that you really like.

Thoughts and opinions of people that have tried standing at a desk appreciated. Weigh in on the comments below at the bottom.


GeekDesk seems to be the most popular adjustable height desk on the market. They currently offer the standard GeekDesk and the GeekDesk Max which offers heavier lifting capabilities.

The desks can be programmed to store four preset heights, as well as showing the height digitally to assist in keeping the same height every use.Other options include frame and table veneer colors.

Find out more about the GeekDesk here.

Steelcase Airtouch

The Airtouch is Steelcase’s entry into the adjustable height market that is not motorized, but instead uses an assisting technology that makes the tabletop easy to lift.

This desk is a bit different in that it uses a single pedestal style as opposed to two side legs like many other competitors. The desk’s styling is also very futuristic that might make it stand out a bit in a more traditional environment.

Check out more about the Airtouch here.


The Xdesk Air was designed to have no visible motors, wiring, or gears giving a much cleaner look that might be found on other available models.

Xdesk Air comes in several varieties including bamboo and aluminum – as wella s coming in several colors. While the desk has no built in cable management, it does have a grommet allowing you to run cords through and cover them using a single sleeve called the NextFlex. Keyboard trays are also available.

Check more out about the product here.

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo

The Kangaroo Series is less desk than a desktop addition, but it seemed like a good option to showcase.  Essentially, the Kangaroo adds another layer to your existing desk that allows you to work both at sitting height as well as standing.

There are several models that provide more room, monitor support, and of course a variety of colors.

Check out more about the Kangaroo here.


The UpDesk is a powered solution with a 300lb lifting capability coming from two motors. It has a digital display, programmable heights, and is ready to use 20 minutes after taking it out of the box.

UpDesk has several colors of bases and tabletops to help it fit into your office better. The tabletops are also curved to give you a better fit as you’re standing and doing you work.

Check it out here.

Ergo Depot Jarvis

JRV-2TThe Jarvis adjustable-height desk designed by Ergo Depot comes is several widths – from 48″ to 72″ – and is available in 10+ finishes and 3 base colors.

Ergo Depot explains that their desk can lift a whopping 350lbs, which they say is “plenty of strength to lift multiple monitors, a few gallons of coffee, and even a couple of cats.”  It also comes with a programmable memory options.

Find out more here.

Standee Classic XL

SD-CNA12-XL-COMBOStandee Co. offers one of the most affordable and eco-friendly podium-style standup desks on the market. Standee’s desks are beautifully crafted out of bamboo and are made in the USA. The desks assemble in seconds with no tools and fold flat for shipping and storage.

Standee Co. offers 2 bamboo color choices (natural or amber) and 2 sizes of work surface- the Standee Classic (31”x20”) and the Standee Classic-XL (47.5”x23.5”). Both desks come in multiple heights and are available with a variety of accessories such as pullout keyboard trays and monitor risers. The company also offers an anti-fatigue mat which might just be the most comfortable mat on the market.

Find out more about Standee Co.’s products here.

Anthro Elevate II

The Elevate II is an electric lift desk from Anthro that is available in several sizes and finishes allowing you to better fit it in your office both stylistically and in size.

One great feature about this offering is that is has a cable management tray in the back of the desk to keep all of the unsightly cords from being seen. The Elevate II also has locking wheels that assist in moving the desk around your space.

Find out more about sizes, finishes, and styles here.

Human Solution UpLift

The UpLift series of desks from Human Solution offer an incredibly wide selection of styles – everything from laminate to butcher block to natural woods. In terms of styling, the UpLift seems to be available in a bit more of a traditional style that could make it a better fit for companies not looking for a less raw style.

Some models have wheels to assist in moving the desks around and have enough room on the underside to add a keyboard tray.

Find out more here.

Humanscale Float

Though this is technically #8, Humanscale alerted me to their Float table. It features a lift system that uses a simple lever to operate.

The Float table can carry up to 160 lbs and comes in both brown and black desktop options. It also comes in a variety of tabletop widths to accomodate yoru workspace size needs.

Check out more information here.


The StandDesk was a recent Kickstarter success and boasts being the affordable option in the growing competitive field of adjustable height desks.

They claim 40″-70″ width tops work and rate the desk at a 225lb lifting capacity. The desk does have a few options of color and laminate tops – or bamboo.

Find out more about it here.