Village&Co Offices – Vancouver

  • Client Village&Co,
  • Year 2012
  • Location Vancouver, Canada,
  • Industry Advertising / Marketing,
  • After recently celebrating their first year of operation, Vancouver social media agency Village&Co. relocated their offices to a ground-level community storefront in Strathcona – one of the city’s oldest residential neighborhoods.

    The storefront space puts the team in direct connection with their surrounding community and reinforces the social nature of their agency.

    Working with Vancouver architect and designer Chris Hunter, the team looked to develop a space that was modern and simple, yet fully-functional and fit their personality. Justin Young, Village&Co’s Creative Director notes, “Establishing an open, modular space with the influence of the natural elements of our region has created a relaxed yet professional environment. Our working relationships are collaborative and friendly, so having an old fashioned boardroom wouldn’t fit our style.”

    Inspired by Vancouver’s beautiful surroundings, the design aimed to be reflective of the environment – fresh, open, timeless, and elemental. The chopped wood wall not only provides a connection with nature, it acts as a beautiful backdrop to the minimal design of the space. Behind it lie the washroom, kitchen, lunchroom, and storage space.

    Village&Co’s 5 employees work on the lovely Yves Behar-designed Sayl chairs. Jealous!

    DesignChris Hunter
    Photography: Jeremy Van Nieuwkerk and  Justin Young