Yandex’s New Istanbul Office

  • Client Yandex,
  • size 7,200 sqft
  • Year 2012
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Industry Technology,
  • Russian search giant Yandex recently moved into a new office in Istanbul with the help of za bor architects.

    A bit about the project from the architects:

    “The new representative office of Yandex company in Istanbul is located on 23rd floor of elegant high-rise Apa Giz business centre.

    In many senses this office of the Russian IT-giant had become a milestone event, with an opening of European activity in Yandex business. Perhaps that’s why clients wanted it to become showy and recognizable.

    The architects managed to fully accomplish these requests, besides, reasonably priced. The project generally went on very smoothly during the project stage, as well as during the agreement and construction stages, even despite linguistic divide, no serious problems occurred.

    Coloured smoked glass of separation walls and bright carpet panels have become key visual dominants of this office. Carpet panels can be seen not only on the floor, but also on effectively winding surfaces of white ceiling. Many of these details are made with recognizable Yandex search services icons, which have been scaled to human size.

    The office plan is a rectangle, on front of it there are a lift hall and emergency exit. Reception desk in form of an arrow (one of informal symbols of Yandex) welcomes guests of the office. It is interesting, that an LCD display is mounted in the desk and it shows real time search queries, which are being made in

    Behind administrator’s working desks, there is a small green zone with plants, and on the other side there is a lecture hall with smooth crooked walls. It is surrounded by open space with workplaces furnished with Herman Miller; and a separated manager’s office along with bright meeting «Cells», tinted with optimistic colourful film. There is one more bright accent – the original «True love» armchairs by Danish company Zero Globe 4, which you may also see in other representative offices of the company.

    It is interesting that the office has a number of supporting columns – covered with high quality genuine leather of beige shades – this peculiar detail was left from the former office of a law firm, and was kept by client’s request. It gave the interior this unique luxurious oriental spice, which stays in general «informational» character of the office.

    Office area: 670 sq.m.”

    Design: za bor architects